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In 2017 we are offering particular support to three Charities: Telephono de la Esperanza, Spear and Saakshar School Appeal. As well as fundraising specifically for these charities we donate 10% of all the money given to the church from stewardship and church collections, to these three charities. Although St Peter's does not have big historic investments and we have to be careful stewards of what we have, we also recognise our responsibility to give generously to others in greater need. Information about these charities is below. We also support other local charities including the Passage and the Westminster Foodbank through volunteering and donations, and have dedicated giving at Christmas too - at Christmas 2017 our charities will be Kids for Kids (aid for poor communities in Darfur, Sudan), Caxton (local Youth project for young people with learning difficulties) and Open Doors (a charity supporting persecuted Christians).
Since 2016 we have been involved with the Welcome Box initiative too - providing a practical and personal welcome for refugees.
Telephono de la Esperanza
Telefono de la Esperanza UK

Telefono de la Esperanza UK (Telephone of Hope UK) is a NGO which offers free support to Spanish and Portuguese speaking people in crisis, and offers programs to improve the emotional health of individuals, families and society as a whole. Telephono de la esperanza uses a team of trained and committed volunteers who provide immediate, free, anonymous and specialised help through a counselling telephone helpline, professional counselling consultations, family counselling services and workshops for specific needs. For more information see the Telephono de la Esperanza website here

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Saakshar School Appeal
Saakshar School Appeal

Fr Ralph has supported Saakshar since 2003, soon after it began. Saakshar (‘Literate’) helps slum children in India’s capital city, Delhi, to go to school and complete their education. It helps boys and girls, but particularly girls, who are very disadvantaged and often do not get the chance to go to school in India. For slum children the absence of education is a life sentence of poverty. Parents who cannot read or write work long hours just to survive, and often cannot send their children to school. Saakshar provides a year of preparation for these poor children, then supports them throughout their school life. After that it gives guidance and invaluable skills training to help get them into valuable work. It helps their families too, teaching literacy to parents and providing training in computing and dressmaking. Fr Ralph visits Saakshar each year and was there in February 2017. For more information see the Saakshar School Appeal website here

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Spear is an award-winning pre-employment training initiative, founded by the church in West London through the charity ‘Resurgo’.Over the past decade Spear has helped over 3,000 young people into employment or education. They have eight centres across London, and work with over 750 young people each year. Spear equips young people with the hard skills they need to find a job, including CV writing and interview training, and tackles the attitudinal and behavioural issues that employers cite as major barriers to long-term success in their young recruits. Each Spear attendee leaves with increased confidence, skills to find work and a City & Guilds Level 1 Qualification in Customer Service. 75% of those who complete Spear Foundation not only get into work or further training, but are still there a year later. Spear also works closely with forward-thinking businesses to place Spear candidates into suitable vacancies. Resurgo won the 2015 ERSA Youth Employment Award for the Spear programme and Spear was a Guardian Charity Awards 2013 winner. For more information see The Spear website here.

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Ciliopathy Alliance
The Ciliopathy Alliance

The Ciliopathy Alliance is one of three good causes supported by the funds raised by the St Peter's May Fair 2017. The Ciliopathy Alliance works with patient support groups, researchers and health professionals to support patients and families living with and affected by ciliopathies - diseases caused by defects in the function or structure of cilia. Dysfunctional cilia are known to underlie a number of often chronically disabling and sometimes life-threatening genetic conditions. They affect multiple systems, causing blindness, deafness, chronic respiratory infections, kidney disease, heart disease, infertility, obesity and diabetes. Over 20 ciliopathies have been identified and more are suspected, with an estimated 1 in 1,000 people affected. The charity's aim is to improve the quality of life for people living with ciliopathy syndromes and conditions.

What is the link to St Peter's? Claire Glen, PCC member and May Fair 2017 organiser has been a Trustee of the Ciliopathy Alliance since 2014 and in that role is committed to raising both awareness and money to support those suffering from these rare conditions. For more information see The Ciliopathy Alliance website here. For an example of one of the diseases of cilia, and how people are affected, see the 2017 BBC news item here: BBC News 2017

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