Music List

Music at the Sung Eucharist - Sundays at 11.15am and at other times as below

Epiphany to Easter 2020

January 5th (Epiphany)
Missa Brevis, op. 63 - Britten
Litanies à la Vierge noire - Poulenc

January 12th (Baptism of Christ)
Missa Pastores quidnam vidistis - Clemens
Super ripam Jordanis - Clemens

January 19th
Missa Quaeramus cum pastoribus - Morales
Quaeramus cum pastoribus - Mouton

January 26th
Cantus Missae, op.109 - Rheinberger
Geistliches lied, op.30 - Brahms

February 2nd (Candlemas)
Missa Trahe me post te - Victoria
Senex puerum portabat - Byrd

February 9th
Missa In te, Domine speravi - Palestrina
O bone Jesu - Palestrina
Directed by Peter Phillips

February 16th
Missa Secunda tertii toni - Croce
Digilam te, Domine - Croce

February 23rd
Missa super Osculeter me - Lassus
Pater peccavi - Crecquillon

February 26th (Ash Wednesday)
Missa Super flumina Babylonis - Guerrero
Peccantem me quotidie - Guerrero
Emmendemus in melius - Morales

March 1st
Missa L’homme armé - Guerrero
Manum suam misit hostis - Cardoso

March 8th
Missa Salve intemerata - Tallis
Absterge me - Tallis

March 15th
Missa Ad majorem Dei Gloriam - Campra
Plorate filii Israel - Carissimi

March 22nd
Missa Canonica - Brahms
O Jesu Christ meins lebens licht, BWV 118 - J. S. Bach

March 29th
Missa mon coeur se recommande - Lassus
In illo tempore - Morales

April 5th (Palm Sunday)
Missa Si bona suscepimus - Morales
O Domine, Jesu Christe - Guerrero

April 9th (Maundy Thursday)
Mass for four voices - Byrd
Domine, tu mihi lavas pedes - Cardoso
Christus factus est - Franco

April 10th (Good Friday)
Hear my prayer - Purcell
Lamentations I - Tallis
Crucifixus a8 - Lotti
Adoramus te, Christe - Lassus

April 11th (Holy Saturday)
Missa Brevis - Palestrina

April 12th (Easter Day)
Messe in G - Schubert
Osterhymne, op.134 - Rheinberger

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